About The Way Home

The Way Home is the collaborative effort to prevent and end homelessness in Houston, Pasadena, Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County, Texas.

Partners gather for an early morning outreach event.

Since 2012, homeless service agencies, local governments, public housing authorities, the local Veterans Affairs office, and other nonprofits and community stakeholders have been working together to refine their programs, practices, and policies so the Houston region can help as many individuals and families experiencing homelessness as possible by providing them with nationally-recognized and effective programs.

Currently, The Way Home is comprised of more than 100 partners who are communicating and collaborating to meet all of the needs of those experiencing homelessness in our community.

Partners of The Way Home know that permanent housing combined with supportive services is the key to ending homelessness for individuals and families. The Way Home’s programs are all based on a Housing First model. This means that we move people into permanent housing as quickly as possible and then provide them with supportive services (like case management, health care, substance use counseling, income coaching, and more) to help them remain stabilized in housing and improve their quality of life.

Our results have been impressive: since 2011, partners of The Way Home have reduced overall homelessness in our region by more than 51% and since 2012, more than 14,500 people and families have been housed with an 84% success rate!

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Click here to view the recent State of Homelessness update from the Coalition for the Homeless.

Unity in the Community provides Welcome Baskets to The Way Home.

We hope you explore the rest of the site to learn more about the daily work of our partners, including information on how you can become involved! Partner agencies are often in need of volunteers and in-kind donations. You can keep up with the latest news and success stories from The Way Home by liking and following us on Facebook. You can also consider making a donation to the Welcome Home Fund. The Welcome Home fund is managed by the Coalition for the Homeless (lead agency to The Way Home) to assist people moving into permanent housing by providing Welcome Baskets full of home goods, purchasing furniture, and paying for things like application fees which other funding sources do not cover.

Current partners of The Way Home looking for technical information (including funding and partner meeting schedules) should visit The Way Home Partner Portal on the Coalition’s website. Nonprofits and agencies interested in becoming a formal partner of The Way Home should email Caybryn Southern at csouthern@homelesshouston.org. For other questions or concerns, please email info@thewayhomehouston.org.