Ending Homelessness

New Beginnings

The stories of homeless individuals often inspire us: people who have faced twists and turns and rocky patches; yet, with determination – and a little help from others – find their way home. Steve* was helped by several partners of The Way Home and is no exception to this rule.

In 2013, Steve was living in New York when he lost his job. Soon after that his wife filed for divorce. These devastating events, one after another, led to clinical depression. Before he knew it, Steve found himself homeless on the cold streets of New York for several months. Eventually, he was able to acquire some temporary work, which allowed him to save enough money to buy a one-way bus ticket to Houston with the hope that he could move in with his cousin. Unfortunately, when Steve arrived in Houston, he found that his cousin didn’t have enough room to accommodate another person in the home.

Steve headed to the Salvation Army where their staff referred him to The Beacon for a Coordinated Access housing assessment. Steve visited The Beacon almost daily for meals showers, and laundry services, while staying at the Star of Hope Men’s Development Center. He also received mental health and healthcare services from The Harris Center and Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston; and other services from SEARCH, Harmony House, and Lord of the Streets. Steve was eventually connected with a case manager at Houston Area Community Services (HACS) who helped him stabilize.

Steve later enrolled in Houston Community College’s (HCC) Diesel Mechanic Program, and his HACS case manager was able to get Steve into permanent housing at a complex very close to HCC! Steve completed his HCC program in May 2016, and a month after that achieved self-sufficiency and is now living independently in his new apartment.

Though Steve’s path had many twists and turns, the partners of The Way Home were with him every step of the way to provide housing, education, healthcare, counseling, and support; leading him down the road to stability and leaving his future looking much brighter!

*Client name changed to protect privacy.

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